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Pyrolytic graphite sheet

Pyrolytic graphite is a new type of carbon material. It is a kind of pyrolytic carbon with high crystal orientation, which is deposited by high-purity hydrocarbon gas on the graphite substrate at 1800 ℃ ~ 2000 ℃ under a certain furnace pressure. It has high density (2.20g / cm), high purity (impurity content (0.0002%) and anisotropy of thermal, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties. The vacuum of 10mmHg can still be maintained at 1800 ℃.

Product features

The surface is compact, free of pores, and easy to machine.

High purity, total impurity content < 20ppm, good air tightness.

High temperature resistance, the strength increases with the use of temperature. At 2750 ℃, the strength reached the highest value and sublimed at 3600 ℃.

Low modulus of elasticity, high thermal conductivity, small coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent thermal shock resistance.

Good chemical stability, acid, alkali, salt and organic reagent resistance, no effect on molten metal, slag and other corrosive media, no obvious oxidation below 400 ℃ in the atmosphere.

The vacuum of 10-7mmhg can be maintained at 1800 ℃ without any gas release at high temperature.


Graphite Heater Diversion bucket PBN / PG composite heater Atomic absorption tube


Application of pyrolytic graphite coating

In the semiconductor industry, drawing silicon single crystal guide tube.

Graphite heater coating for semiconductor industry.

PBN / PG composite heater coating by wafer annealing process.

Pyrolytic graphite coating for the atomic absorption tube used in analytical instruments.

The aluminum crucible is evaporated by electron beam.