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Antimony Impregnated Carbon Ring

Antimony impregnated graphite has good wear resistance. Because antimony is not soluble in water, hydrochloric acid, concentrated alkali solution, the composite material composed of antimony and graphite is suitable for the use of water, weak acid, weak alkali and other media. It is impact resistant, has small wear under high speed and high pressure, and can withstand high temperature of about 500 ℃ and deep cold of - 253 ℃; at the same time, it has self-lubricity, and can work both under the condition of high temperature, deep cold and dry friction.


Our company is specialized in the production of antimony impregnated carbon ring, split ring, tricuspid ring, seal ring, split ring, stationary ring, etc., and we can produce according to your requirements and drawings.


Antimony impregnated graphite is an excellent solid material with high temperature resistance, wear resistance and self-lubrication. It can be used at high temperature of 500 ℃, - 253 ℃ deep cooling, high speed of 2000 rpm and high pressure of 10MPa. It is suitable for air, water, oil, superheated steam, weak acid, weak alkali, propane, oil and other media. It provides an ideal sealing and anti-wear material for petroleum, chemical industry, oil refining, machinery, casting, instrument, military industry, refrigeration, electric power and other departments, with remarkable economic and social benefits.

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