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Carbon arc air gouging industry

Carbon arc air gouging is mainly used for steel, brass, cemented carbide, stainless steel and other metal casting, component welding groove, spading weld, gate, scrap edge, burr, cutting, drilling, repairing and repairing weld defects. It is widely used in shipbuilding, metal components and metal casting industry.


The carbon rod of carbon arc air gouging is made of carbon and graphite and asphalt as binder. It must have good conductivity to meet the requirements of low voltage and high current. The carbon rods of carbon arc air gouging are divided into roasting copper plated carbon rods (commonly used) and graphitization (high temperature graphitization treatment) carbon arc air gouging carbon rods without copper plating.

Product features: good electrical conductivity, oxidation resistance, arc burning resistance, low thermal conductivity.

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