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Carbon Clothvv

Carbon cloth, the abbreviation of carbon fiber cloth, is made of pre oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber by carbonization or carbon fiber by textile. Also known as carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, carbon cloth, carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber belt, carbon fiber sheet (prepreg), etc.


Carbon cloth is a special material for fuel cell, namely gas diffusion layer. Gas diffusion layer is an indispensable material in MEA of fuel cell. It plays a role of communication bridge between MEA and bipolar plate.

Its main functions:

1. Guide the gas from the guide groove of the graphite plate to the coal seam;

2. Remove the bio water from the catalyst layer to avoid flooding;

3. Conductor of electric current;

4. It can dissipate heat during fuel cell reaction;

5. It has enough strength to support MEA when it deforms due to excessive water absorption.


Application :

1. Used in the field of electrochemistry, as the base material of electrodeposition, depositing metal oxides on carbon cloth, testing the performance of metal oxides ORR, OER, HER

2. For the research of microbial fuel cell, as the cathode of the cell, receiving and transferring the electron

3. It is used in the research of supercapacitor, as the structure or part of fluid collector, electron transmission and current collection

4. Used in the research of lithium battery, as the negative electrode of battery, the electron receiving and transferring

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