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CFC Plate

C-C composite or carbon-carbon composite material is a kind of carbon matrix composite reinforced by carbon fiber and its fabric. It has the advantages of low density (< 2.0g / cm3), high strength, high specific modulus, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, good friction performance, good thermal shock resistance, high dimensional stability, etc. it is one of the few alternative materials applied at 1650 ℃ and above, with high theoretical temperature as high as 2600 ℃. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the promising high-temperature materials.

Due to its unique properties, carbon / carbon composite materials have been widely used in aerospace, automotive industry, science and other fields, such as rocket motor nozzle and its throat lining, the thermal protection system of the end cap and wing leading edge of the space shuttle, aircraft brake disc, etc.



High strength, low ash content, good erosion resistance, carbon fiber content ≥ 50%

With special design, the density of carbon carbon plate has uniform density, and it is not easy to deform under the impact of alternating thermal stress.



Flexural strength: 120-280 MPa

Heat treatment temperature: 2000-2300 ℃

Ash content: ≤ 300ppm

Density: 1.4-1.7 g / cm3

Application: it can be used as the crucible cover plate and top plate of polycrystalline ingot furnace, single crystal furnace cover plate, and hot field structure parts of powder metallurgy high temperature furnace.

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