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C/C composite materials are usually used as heat-resistant structural materials for rockets and space shuttles when they pass through the severe aerodynamic heating environment of the atmosphere. In order to protect the aircraft body, it is necessary to use materials with light weight, high temperature resistance and high strength when the aircraft returns to the atmosphere. Carbon carbon composite materials give full play to its function. Carbon carbon materials have made an important contribution to the development of China's aerospace industry.


Features of C / C composite material:

It can maintain high strength, high heat resistance, high impact resistance and high corrosion resistance at high temperature, and can withstand high temperature up to 17000 ℃ in oxidizing atmosphere;

High modulus, good load performance;

It has good conductivity to heat and electricity;

High strength, high rigidity and low density;

The specific strength and specific rigidity are high;

The fracture toughness is good;

Reusability, can repeated use 10 times.


As the common carbon materials, the oxidation resistance of carbon carbon composites is poor in the presence of oxygen, so it is necessary to make coating with SiC and other oxidation resistant materials in the oxidizing atmosphere.

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