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Electron beam evaporation boat

Super graphite evaporation boat / graphite thermal evaporation crucible / electron beam evaporation boat / coating vacuum aluminum plating silicon plating / super graphite evaporation boat / electron beam evaporation vacuum coating instrument graphite crucible


JING DE LONG electron beam evaporation boat is used to improve the evaporation performance. The unique high purity crucible will not produce pollutants in the melting process. Purification can reduce humidity and prolong the service life of the crucible. The crucible can be used for evaporation of the following materials: silver, aluminum, arsenic, gold, iron gallium, germanium & oxygen, nickel lead, selenium, silicon tin, tellurium & oxygen. After amorphous carbon treatment, the surface of the product is hard, wear-resistant and pore free, replacing the graphite crucible with glass carbon coating. Our company provides special graphite crucible for vacuum aluminizing, which is mainly used for vacuum evaporation aluminizing film. If ordinary high-density graphite is used in the vacuum aluminizing equipment, such as the graphite crucible with a density of 1.83g/cm3, the crucible will crack after repeated use due to the porosity of graphite and the high wettability of molten aluminum. Our company adopts special technology to densify graphite, making the density of graphite crucible reach more than 1.9g/cm3, greatly improving the anti-oxidation performance and service life of crucible, gain the characteristics of no cracking, anti-oxidation, long service life, generally more than 25 times, up to more than 80 times. Features: No overflow, no crack, no aluminizing, good evaporation effect, long service life. High oxidation resistance, large bulk density, high flexural and compressive strength, corrosion resistance, high hardness, and low porosity and low permeability. We can offer small samples. It can be used in laboratory. Specification of graphite crucible: Ф 120 × 120; Ф 120 × 110; Ф 135 × 120, etc Specification for laboratory: Ф 35 × 25, Ф 65 × 60 Graphite boat can be made up to 900mm long, and special specifications can be made according to customers' requirements.

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