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Graphite anode plate

Graphite anode plate, anode barrel, graphite anode rod (also known as graphite anode plate, graphite anode rod) have excellent characteristics: high temperature resistance, good conductivity and heat conductivity, easy machining, good chemical stability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, low ash content.


The product is used for electrolyzing aqueous solution, preparing chlorine, caustic soda, electrolyzing salt solution to prepare alkali, or for electroplating various metal and non-metal carriers, for example, the graphite anode plate can be used as the conductive anode for electrolyzing salt solution to prepare caustic soda. It can also be used for sewage treatment in chemical, electronic and textile industries. In an electrolytic cell, the pole from where current flows from to the other in the electrolyte is called anode. In the electrolysis industry, the anode is generally made into a plate shape, so it is called anode plate。

Characteristics of anode materials for electrolysis:

It should have good electronic conductivity. When a large current passes through, the voltage drop loss on the anode plate should be small;

The contact area with electric body fluid should be large and the contact resistance should be small;

It has enough resistance to the erosion of H2SO4, and it should be resistant to the anodizing in the electrolyte;

The ingredients should be stable and the cost should not be too high.


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