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Graphite blade for vacuum pump

Graphite blade, also known as slide, blade, scraper, carbon plate, carbon refined sheet, can be collectively referred to as blade. It is made of graphite carbon material, durable, suitable for printing industry, PCB, blister, photoelectric and other industries.


The biased rotor equipped with a rotary vane makes a rotary motion in the pump cavity, so that the volume of the pump cavity chamber separated by the rotary vane changes periodically to realize the pumping of vacuum pump, also known as the rotary vane vacuum pump.

Function of vacuum pump graphite sheet:

Vacuum pump carbon sheet, also known as the graphite sheet of vacuum pump, is the main core parts of the rotary vane pump. In the rotary vane vacuum pump composed of pump body, rotor, rotary vane and end cover, when the rotary vane pump rotor rotates, the carbon vane of the vacuum pump keeps contact with the inner wall of the pump cavity by centrifugal force, and the rotor rotation drives the rotary vane to slide along the inner wall of the pump cavity to form the vacuum pump volume change, so as to achieve the vacuum extraction.

 Product features

It has very high elastic limit, anti-fatigue and excellent ability to adapt to high-intensity pump operation.

The carbon element in the material is mainly carbon, namely free graphite, with dark gray port, which makes the carbon chip of vacuum pump harder and better wear resistance.

Reasonable design of product shape is adopted to reduce the surface roughness, and surface strengthening treatment is adopted to improve the fatigue resistance of the graphite sheet.

Vacuum pump graphite sheet can be self-lubricating, adapt to long-term high temperature operation.

 Product features

Printing industry, PCB, blister, photoelectric and other industries

The graphite sheet of vacuum pump is the main core part of the rotary vane pump.

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