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Graphite Boat

In the process of casting and forming precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, a large number of precision processed graphite molds are used. Precious metal is expensive, so the requirements of graphite mold are very strict, so as to ensure that the weight error of the same precious metal product meets the requirements. The mold is made of high-density isostatic pressure graphite and processed by CNC machining center, CNC lathe and other precision equipment to ensure that the size of each mold, especially for the internal cavity, completely meets the design requirements.


Isostatic Pressing Graphite has good heat resistance. In inert gas, its mechanical strength increases with the increase of temperature, reaching the peak value at about 2500℃.Compared with ordinary graphite, the structure of isostatic graphite is more compact, delicate, and symmetrical. It's thermal expansion coefficient is very low, its thermal shock resistance is excellent, and its isotropic, chemical corrosion resistance is strong, meanwhile, it has good thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent machining performance.

Graphite boat can be used in vacuum furnace or other furnace, sintering cemented carbide and smelting black, non-ferrous, rare metals and semiconductor materials in the protective gas to prevent oxidation. According to the need, graphite boat can be made into open or with sealed lid.

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