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Graphite crucible for aluminized film production

Graphite crucible is a consumable part widely used in the production of vacuum aluminized films. The quality of graphite crucible will directly affect the quality and production cost of aluminized films. The quality requirement to graphite crucible in vacuum aluminizing production is very strict, at present, there are few enterprises that can produce and supply this kind of crucible stably. According to the process requirements of vacuum aluminum plating, we choose special graphite as material, which has high bulk density and low porosity, and can resist the erosion of molten aluminum and gaseous aluminum particles to the greatest extent. The graphite material is treated by special technology, which leads to strong oxidation resistance, low consumption and long service life. Special graphite has high purity and low ash content. It does not produce harmful volatile substances in the process of vacuum evaporation. It can avoid the formation of pockmarks, trachoma and pinholes on the surface of aluminum coating film, which provides quality assurance for aluminum coating film.


Features: It adopts special processing technology, the whole body of the crucible is polished, with accurate size and fine surface finish grinding. High volume density, low porosity, high purity and low ash content Long Service life Application: Aluminized film production; It can be used continuously for 24-52 hours, or finish coating production for 22-48 times.

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