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Graphite disk electrode for oil spectrometer

Wear metals and contaminant elements in oil can be evaporated and excited by controlled arc discharge generated by rotating disc technology. The selected characteristic and reference spectral lines are collected and stored in photomultiplier tubes, charge coupled devices or other suitable detectors.


By comparing the signal strength of the elements in the used oil sample with that of the calibration standard sample, the concentration of the test elements in the oil sample can be calculated, and the test results can be input into the database for post-processing. Special disk electrode for oil spectrometer has been through high temperature casting process, have good uniformity of porosity; it uses high purity graphite (spectral purity) as raw material, with the characteristic of high strength, high density, high purity, high chemical stability, dense and uniform structure, high temperature resistance, high conductivity, etc.; it strictly comply with Nb / SH / t0865 and ASTM D6595 standards. Disc electrode size: outer diameter 12.5mm; inner hole diameter: 3mm; height: 5mm; Specification of graphite disk electrode for oil spectrometer: English Name: Graphite disc Model and specification: 500 pcs / box The special disk electrode of oil spectrometer has two functions. The sample in the oil box is carried to the gap between the disk electrode and the rod electrode by rotating the disc electrode; When the oscillating arc source is connected, it will react with the rod electrode to produce instantaneous high temperature, vaporize and dissociate the components in the oil sample into gaseous atoms, and then excite the gaseous atoms to generate the characteristic spectral lines of elements. Electrode purity (impurity) is one of the main sources of background noise; The electrode purity and porosity will affect the stability of temperature, and then the accuracy and stability of the results; The outer diameter of disk electrode will affect the amount of sample carried; The inner diameter of the disk electrode affects the rotation rate and the number of samples carried Features: Special plate electrode for oil spectrometer; High purity graphite (spectral purity) is used, which has the characteristics of high strength, high density, high purity, high chemical stability, compact and uniform structure, high temperature resistance and high conductivity;

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