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Graphite electrode for steel plant

In recent years, due to the continuous innovation of steel making furnace technology, the graphite electrode for steel making has been put forward higher requirements. High power and ultra-high power EAF steel making process can reduce smelting time by 56%, save more than 22% of electricity per ton of steel, and increase output by 1.3 times. In order to meet the needs of this steel making process, high power and ultra-high power graphite electrodes are produced.


The graphite electrode has the following characteristics:

The specific resistance is low, which can lead in 25% - 40% higher current than ordinary graphite electrode;

The linear expansion coefficient is small and the quick cooling and heating resistance is good;

The mechanical strength is higher than that of graphite electrode;

The oxygen loss is small, and the unit consumption of electrode in steel making is about 1 times lower than that of ordinary graphite electrode.

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