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Graphite Mold for Glass Industry

Graphite mold is used in the glass jewelry industry as the forming container in the process of making glass jewelry.


Graphite mold has good high temperature resistance, stable performance at high temperature, small amount of heat expansion and cold shrinkage, which can be ignored; graphite has good lubricity, and the glass liquid is not easy to stick on the mold during solidification, and has good thermal conductivity, wear resistance, high mechanical strength and other characteristics. In industrial production, in order to achieve accurate production results, not only appropriate graphite materials should be selected, but also the design of graphite mold, processing quality and correct installation in use are very important. We have the ability to provide professional technical support to help customers select the right graphite materials in production, design and process graphite mold suitable for production equipment, and we’d like to listen to customers' opinions carefully, and solve the problems encountered by customers in the use process.


Excellent conduction

Heat conduction

Corrosion resistance

Small expansion coefficient

Self-lubricating and machining properties

Sufficient mechanical strength and impact resistance

Easy to machined and can be processed into various geometrical shapes.