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Graphite ring for rotary kiln

Graphite can be used as sealing and lubricating materials, and is widely used in many cement rotary kilns.It has two main purposes: one is used for sealing the kiln head and kiln tail, and the other is used for lubrication between the carrier wheel and the wheel belt. The graphite products used in both are of block structure.


Our company produces special graphite products for rotary kiln: graphite parts, kiln head graphite blocks, kiln tail graphite blocks, and graphite sealing blocks. The product has the advantages of long service life, few impurities, high volume density and strong bending resistance.

We can produce and process graphite bars, graphite blocks, rotary kiln graphite blocks, graphite plates, graphite carbon tubes, high-purity graphite crucibles, graphite rings, graphite boats and other graphite products of various materials and specifications, with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, high smelting purity, strong corrosion resistance and long service life.

Product features

It has the advantages of lubricating performance, not easy to wear the cylinder body, and less friction consumption, low cost, high temperature resistance, excellent oxidation resistance and no deformation.

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