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Graphite rotating rod


Graphite rotor is an ideal part for air pump at present, and its good lubrication performance is far better than that of ordinary lubricant. Graphite is an environmental protection material, graphite rotor can avoid pollution to the processed products.

Graphite rotor is used in the air pump rotor of various industries. It has good wear resistance, long service life and saturated air output. Used in air pump rotor core, pump piece and other pump, it has the characteristics of high-definition height control gas, constant air pressure, etc.


Self-lubrication; low friction coefficient, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance; oxidation resistance; low density; low thermal expansion coefficient; good seismic resistance; thermal shock resistance; good heat conduction; high temperature resistance; environmental protection.



Corrosive environment; chemical pump; food processing pump; low temperature application; high temperature application.

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