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Graphite sleeve / graphite shaft sleeve

Graphite material itself has lubrication performance, which is determined by the crystal structure of graphite. The lubricity of graphite is due to the good lubricity of water and air, besides the innate structure of lattice.


The existence of water and air makes the surface of graphite adsorb water and gas molecules, increases the distance between the cleavage surfaces of graphite sliding with each other, and weakens the binding force between them.

Graphite bearing is divided into rolling bearing and sliding bearing. Graphite bearing is mostly used in sliding bearing. Sliding bearing is divided into radial bearing and thrust bearing.

Graphite bearing is mainly based on graphite material, which is used in the transportation, dryer, textile machine, submersible pump motor and other bearing aspects in the industrial sectors such as food, beverage, textile and chemical industry. If grease lubricant is used in these parts, it will inevitably cause pollution, while the self-lubricating property of graphite bearing is very strong, corrosion-resistant, and it can run for a long time without using lubricating oil. The wear of graphite bearing is proportional to the square of load, temperature and speed. When the pressure is 0-0.49mpa, the graphite bearing of various materials can meet the needs.


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