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Hard composite carbon fiber felt(High purity product)

Hard composite carbon fiber felt is processed by special technology of solidification and setting, and secondary high-temperature purification treatment with graphite foil, polyacrylonitrile base carbon felt and polyacrylonitrile base carbon cloth as the raw materials


Its ablative resistance, thermal shock resistance, airflow resistance, thermal insulation performances are very good, so it is mainly used in vacuum metallurgy industrial furnaces (high pressure gas quenching furnace, low pressure sintering furnace, pressure vacuum sintering furnace).


1.High purity, high carbon content. 2. Anti-ablative performance and thermal shock resistance. 3.The performance is superior to airflow scouring and thermal insulation and thermal insulation performance.


It is mainly used in ultra-high temperature vacuum high-pressure sintering furnaces as well as electronics, semiconductor industry, solar photovoltaic (polycrystalline casting furnace, single crystal furnace) and vacuum industrial furnace equipment.


Technical Index High temperature product Hard composite carbon fiber felt(carbon cloth  based)
Material PAN-CF
Volume Density(g/cm³) 0.25-0.28
Carbon Content (%) ≥99
Thermal Conductivity (1150℃)(W/m﹒k) 0.25-0.30
Folding Strength Mpa 1.75-3.2
Tensile Strenth Mpa 1.5-3.0
Crushing stress at 5% compression Mpa 0.7
Ash PPm ≤200
Processing Temperature (℃) 2500
Operating Condition (in the air)℃ ≤400
Operating Condition (in the vacuum)℃ ≥2200
Operating Condition (in the inert atmosphere)℃ ≥3200
Board Spec(long*wide*high)mm (1000/1500/1800)*(1000/1300)(20-250)
Tube Spec(Diam*wall thick*high)mm (Φ250-1600)*(30-130)*(300-3000)

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