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Hard felt cylinder for heat preservation

In the photovoltaic industry, the special graphite products used in polysilicon production include: reactors, polycrystalline cards, gas distributors, heating elements, heat shields and heat preservation tubes. In Siemens reduction furnace and STC-TCS hydrogenation furnace for recovering process gas, there are generally 1000 ° C (1800 ° f) high temperature and high corrosion environment. Our graphite parts are particularly suitable for this application due to their high heat and corrosion resistance.


For many years, we have been providing polysilicon manufacturers with a series of equipment components which include: high purity electrode for polysilicon deposition, heater, gas pipeline of STC-TCS hydrogenation furnace, heat insulation barrel and heat insulation parts. Our experts choose the most suitable materials according to the special requirements and operating conditions to produce customized products. Our forming and joining solutions provide furnace insulation of any length and diameter. In order to extend the service life of key components (such as components in the hydrogenation furnace), we provide special silicon carbide coating. As a reliable supplier and partner of customers, we can provide the best solution and process reliability for various applications. Our advantages are: The most comprehensive kinds high-purity special graphite; stable high-quality materials and products; long-term application experiences and material skills; customized production; surface processing for specific applications through cleaning, machining or coating.

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