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High Purity Isostatic pressing formed graphite Crucible

Isostatic Pressing Graphite has good heat resistance. In inert gas, its mechanical strength increases with the increase of temperature, reaching the peak value at about 2500℃.Compared with ordinary graphite, the structure of isostatic graphite is more compact, delicate, and symmetrical. It's thermal expansion coefficient is very low, its thermal shock resistance is excellent, and its isotropic, chemical corrosion resistance is strong, meanwhile, it has good thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent machining performance.


High Purity Isostatic pressing formed graphite Crucible has the characteristics of high purity, high temperature resistance, strong thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance and long service life. In the process of high temperature operation, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it has certain strain resistance to quench and heat. It has strong corrosion resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions and excellent chemical stability. It does not take part in any chemical reactions in the smelting process. The inner wall of graphite crucible is smooth, and the melted metal liquid is not easy to leak and adhere to the inner wall of crucible, which makes the metal liquid have good fluidity and castability, and is suitable for various casting moulds. Graphite crucibles are widely used in the smelting of alloy tool steels and non-ferrous.

The use of this graphite material can not only accelerate the melting process of the metal, but also extend the service life of the crucible.


* High temperature resistance, and the melting point is 3850±50°C, the boiling point is 4250.
* Low ash content, high purity, avoiding pollution to your products.
* Graphite material is easily to machine into any shapes you like.
* High mechanical strength
* Good sliding properties
* High thermal conductivity
* High thermal shock and chemical resistance
* Low wettability
* High corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance
* Good electrical conductivity
* High density and high mechanical strength
* Proper electrical conductivity


It is mainly used in vacuum furnace and high frequency furnace;

It is used for smelting ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, semiconductors, precious metals and other metals;

It is used in the furnace with protective atmosphere or vacuum at about 2500 ℃;

It is not suitable for open furnace or solid fuel or oil nozzle with oxidation flame for heating and smelting.

Notes of operating graphite crucibles

1. The crucible should be stocked in the dry situation
2. Carry the crucible lightly
3. Warm the crucible in the drying machine or near the
furnace. The warming temperature should be up to 500℃.
4. The crucible should be put under the furnace month flat.
5. When put the metal into the crucible, you should take the crucible capacity as your reference. If the crucible is too full, it will be damaged by expansion.
6.The clamps shape need as that of crucible. Avoid the concentrate stressed destroy of the crucible.

7. Clean the crucible regularly and lightly.
8. The crucible should be put in the center of the furnace and leave some distance between the crucible and furnace.
9. Turn the crucible once in one week and this will help lengthen the service life.
10. The flame should not touch the crucible directly.
11.24 hours constant use will make crucibles have longer service life.
The smelt soup in the crucible should be cleared out when the furnace stop working, in order to avoid molten soup
solidificating and will be expanded when fire to reheat, and affect the service life of crucible or even burst.
12. We suggest that about 2 months for crucible melting aluminum alloy (every week for melting copper alloy), hanging out to check whether there is something wrong in the surface, and clean furnace hearth as well as turn the crucible, this operation is helpful to prolong the service life of crucible.

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