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Impregnated Graphite Packing Ring

Among the graphite seal products, dynamic seals and static seals are classified naturally. Dynamic seals have high requirements for the strength, hardness, porosity, lubricity and heat resistance of graphite seals, while static seals pay more attention to the expansibility and heat resistance of graphite seals. Jinglong Special Carbon has a deep understanding of all kinds of graphite materials, and can select the best quality and most suitable materials to produce the graphite sealing products that meet the use requirements to the most extent.


According to the different use environment and functional requirements, the materials of graphite seals are divided into graphite, carbon and carbon graphite. The three materials are used as the base materials to impregnate resin and metal. The impregnated resin and metal include many kinds, such as the commonly used resins are phenolic resin, furan resin, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc, and the commonly used metals are antimony, copper, aluminum alloy and copper alloy and so on.

The above materials are often used in dynamic seal, with various shapes. The most typical application is the sliding seal on the gas compressor.

For the static seal, the gasket and gasket of various sizes are usually made of expanded graphite generated from natural graphite. The most typical application is the seal of chemical tank, tower and pipeline.

In addition, there are many kinds of graphite sealing products such as graphite packing, graphite sealing ring wound with metal wire, etc.