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Impregnated graphite


Impregnated graphite is also called impregnated graphite or impregnated impermeable graphite. It is a kind of impermeable graphite. Graphite is impregnated with synthetic resin to fill its surface and internal pores, and then heat-treated to solidify the resin. Compared with graphite, the mechanical strength of impregnated graphite is improved and the thermal conductivity is unchanged. With the different impregnating resins, there are phenolic resin impregnated graphite and furfuryl alcohol impregnated graphite.

The impregnant used for manufacturing impregnable graphite should have good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, easy solidification, good fluidity and other characteristics, and the strength of graphite can be improved after impregnation.

The properties of graphite impregnant determine the chemical stability, thermal stability, mechanical strength and application temperature of impregnated graphite. At present, the commonly used impregnants can be divided into two categories: synthetic resin and metal.

At present, various synthetic resin impregnants are widely used at home and abroad. There are phenolic resin, furan resin and epoxy resin, and different impregnants are selected according to the properties of different media. Phenolic resin has better acid resistance, epoxy resin has better corrosion resistance in alkaline medium, and furan resin has better acid and alkali resistance. Therefore, furan resin is widely used. In addition, the PTFE suspension has better corrosion resistance.

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