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Isostatic pressing crucible for aluminum evaporation


Aluminum foil for packaging, decoration (gold and silver) and electrical equipment (capacitor) has a wide range of applications. ThisĀ processĀ is made by evaporating molten aluminum in high temperature and high vacuum to make it evaporate on plastic film or paper. The graphite crucible or graphite boat used here is not only a melting vessel, but also a heater. Graphite and aluminum will react at high temperature to reduce the service life of the crucible. In order to inhibit this reaction, alumina should be filled. As a graphite container, whether it is round (for high frequency heating) or angular (for resistance heating), it must be isostatic pressing graphite or extruded graphite with micro powder formula.

In addition, when the crucible is used for the purpose of heat insulation, the aluminum crucible is often covered with a layer of graphite felt (carbon fiber heat insulation material).

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