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Laboratory Crucible

Graphite crucible for oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analytical instruments

Application: Oxygen nitrogen hydrogen analyzer


Oxygen and nitrogen analysis crucible is used to analyze the content of oxygen and nitrogen in metal. They are usually used on the nitrogen and oxygen analysis equipment. The oxygen and nitrogen in steel and non-ferrous metals are heated and decomposed in inert gas flow, and then the oxygen and nitrogen content in metals can be determined with high sensitivity, high precision and high speed through non dispersive infrared detector and thermal conductivity detector. Between the upper and lower electrodes of the equipment, the graphite crucible is pressed and connected with alternating current. Due to Joule heat, the graphite crucible itself rapidly rises to high temperature. The sample is put into the graphite crucible after degassing at high temperature, and then decomposed at high temperature again. The O, N, H components in the sample come out in the form of CO, N2 and H2 respectively, and are sent to the detector for detection through helium. This series of crucibles are mainly made of natural graphite, and coke system has been used recently. The size is 13mm in diameter, 20mm in height and 1mm in wall thickness. The shape of the bottom of the crucible varies according to the manufacturer.

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