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Metal smelting industry

Metal smelting is the process of changing metal from combined state to free state. The reduction reaction of carbon, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and other reducing agents with metal oxides at high temperature can obtain metal elements.


Natural graphite: one type is a clay graphite crucible made of natural flake graphite as the main raw material and clay and other refractory materials; the other type of crucible with asphalt as binder is called carbon binder type crucible, and the former is superior in strength and thermal shock resistance. It is used for smelting steel, copper, aluminum alloy and other non-ferrous metals. Artificial graphite: the impurity (ash content) of the artificial graphite crucible is less than 1%, which is used for refining high-purity metals. There are also high-purity graphite (ash < 20ppm) after special purification treatment. Artificial graphite crucible is often used to melt a small amount of precious metals or metals and oxides with high melting point. The main products are: graphite crucible, graphite mold and graphite boat.

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