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New carbon-carbon thermal field

CFC thermal field includes heat preservation tube, crucible holder, guide cylinder, crucible shaft, three-disc crucible and graphite heater. We can manufacture products of different sizes according to the requirements of customers.


With the property of light weight, high damage tolerance, high strength, C / C composite has the following outstanding advantages:

(1)C / C composite material is used as the heat field product of single crystal silicon furnace, which can greatly extend the service life of the product and reduce the number of replacement parts, so as to improve the utilization rate of the equipment and reduce the maintenance cost.

(2)When used as crucible for pulling single crystal brick, because the quartz crucible has a large expansion stress on the graphite crucible, the graphite crucible has to be made into multiple pieces, or a thermal expansion tank is opened on the crucible. Because the thermal field product of C / C composite material does not need to open a thermal expansion tank, it can be made into a whole body, and a more uniform thermal field can be obtained in the quartz crucible, which can improve the rate of finished product, reduce the wasting, and avoid the loss caused by "Silicon leakage" accident. According to statistics, the loss of equipment and materials caused by a "Silicon leakage" accident is more than 100000 yuan.

(3)When C / C composite material is used as heat field product of single crystal silicon furnace, compared with graphite product, it can be made thinner because of its excellent performance, so it can use existing equipment to produce products with longer sizes and larger diameters, which can save a lot of new equipment investment cost.

(4)When drawing large-diameter products, it is difficult to form graphite hot field products. If we want to make large-diameter graphite hot field parts, the manufacturing cost and processing cost are both very high. However, due to the excellent performance of C / C composite materials, currently, when drawing large-diameter products, C / C composite hot field products are widely adopted in the world.

(5)Under repeated high-temperature thermal shock, graphite heat field products are easy to produce cracks. The existence of microcracks changes its heat conduction performance, which makes the power of graphite heater and the temperature field of silicon melt change during heating, thus affecting the efficiency of drawing crystal and the quality of drawn crystal. The use of C / C composite thermal field products can overcome this disadvantage.

(6)CWhen C / C composite material is used as heat field product of monocrystalline silicon furnace, its thermal conductivity is much lower than that of graphite heat field product. It can save a lot of electric energy and electric expense, effectively reducing the production cost of monocrystalline silicon manufacturers.

The research and application of heat field materials for single crystal silicon drawing furnace have experienced the development of graphite materials and C / C composite materials. In terms of reducing the replacement rate of components, improving the production capacity and stability of equipment, improving the quality of monocrystalline silicon produced, and reducing the energy consumption, C / C composite materials will become the first choice material for manufacturing large-scale monocrystalline furnaces in terms of performance and price.


Heat field system for single crystal furnace

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