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Oxidation resistant graphite rotor for degassing aluminum water

Graphite rotor is composed of two parts: rotor rod and nozzle. The transmission system drives the graphite rotor to rotate, and argon or nitrogen is blown into the molten metal through the rotor rod and nozzle.


The high-speed rotating graphite rotor disperses the argon or nitrogen entering the metal melt to form a lot of small bubbles, making them disperse in the liquid metal. At the same time, the rotating rotor also promotes the diffusion of hydrogen and inclusions in the metal melt, making it contact with the bubbles. In the melt, the bubbles absorb the hydrogen in the melt, absorb the oxide inclusions, and they are taken out of the melt surface as the bubble rises, so that the melt can be purified Feature: Antioxidant material; corrosion resistance; high temperature resistance; Self-lubrication; low friction coefficient, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance; oxidation resistance; low density; low thermal expansion coefficient; good seismic resistance; thermal shock resistance; good heat conduction; environmental protection. Application:Special for degassing aluminum water

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