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PAN based High temperature resistance graphite soft felt Working temperature ≥2200℃

Graphite felt is used in vacuum furnace and induction furnace for heat preservation and insulation; energy storage battery; experimental conductive electrode; gas adsorption material; filtration and decontamination. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, energy conservation and environmental protection, and long service life.

Technical indicators

Surface area  400-1350 g / m2
Bulk density  0.08-0.17
Carbon content  ≥ 99%
Tensile strength  0.1-0.3mpa
Radial  8-14
Latitude  10-16
Ash content  1%
Porosity  90%
Specific heat capacity  1.52-1.73kj/kgc
Thermal conductivity  (w / m.k) 0.09-0.13 (25 ℃) 0.20-0.27(1000℃)
Resistance coefficient  (ohm. Cm) 0.18-0.22
Specific resistance  (Ω. M ㎡ / M) 0.18-0.22
Horizontal  8.2-11.1 * 10³
Vertical  11.8-16.8 * 10³
Moisture absorption rate  2%
Operating environment  Air 350 ℃Vacuum 2200 ℃Inert gas 3250 ℃


1. It can be used as flame-retardant material in thermal insulation industry;

2. As porous material, it can be used as catalyst carrier in chemical industry;

3. It can be used as corrosion-resistant material for composite lining or external protection layer.

4. It can be widely used in aviation, battery, electrode (such as electrode tube, electrode stick, etc.) and other industries as conductive and absorbing materials. At present, the application related to conductive concrete is also developing rapidly.

5. It can be used as adsorption material for gas and liquid decontamination industry; gas industry, such as desulfurization and denitration and other environmental protection industries; and carbon fiber felt has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, which can be used for high temperature decontamination industry in heavy pollution industries such as power plants and sulfuric acid plants; liquid industry, such as oil absorption industry;

6. It is used for heat preservation and refractory materials of single crystal furnace, carbonization furnace, quartz furnace, vacuum furnace, induction furnace, high frequency furnace, heat balance reaction furnace, heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, brazing furnace, high pressure furnace and other high-temperature furnaces, especially for high-temperature vacuum furnace in intermittent operation, which can save a lot of energy.


When the temperature is over 300 ℃, it need be used in vacuum or under the protection of inert gas. During transportation and storage, it is not allowed to press heavily, and it needs to be moisture-proof. It can be cut into any geometry as required, and please wear protective clothing when cutting.

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