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Polyacrylonitrile Based Graphite Fiber Felt

Graphite felt can be divided into asphalt-based graphite felt, polyacrylonitrile-based (PAN-based) graphite felt and viscose-based graphite felt because of the different choice of original felt. The main uses of graphite felt are as thermal insulation and heat insulation materials for single crystal silicon smelting furnace. It can be used as filter material for high purity corrosive chemical reagent in chemical industry.


Polyacrylonitrile Based Graphite Fiber Felt is formed by subjecting the high quality polyacrylonitrile base carbon felt to pyro-graphite treatment. It is light, flexible, with high carbon content, has the characteristic of high temperature resistant,corrosion resistance, corrosion resistant, small heat conductivity and high shape retention.


It applied to heat preservation and fire-resistant of high temperature furnace, like single crystal furnace, carbonization furnace, quartz furnace, vacuum furnace, induction furnace, high-frequency furnace and reactor heat balance, heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, welding furnaces, pressure furnace etc. It can also be used as corrosion resistant filter materials.


Technical Index Graphite Felt
Material PAN-CF
Carbon Content (%) ≥99
Thermal Conductivity (1150℃)(W/m﹒k) 0.08-0.14
Volume Density(g/cm³) 0.12-0.14
Tensile Strenth Mpa 0.14
Crushing stress at 10% compression(N/c㎡) (8-10)
Ash% ≤0.005
Processing Temperature (℃) 2500
Operating Condition (in the air)℃ ≤400
Operating Condition (in the vacuum)℃ ≥2200
Operating Condition (in the inert atmosphere)℃ ≥2500
Long(m) (9-12)
Wide(m) (1-1.3)

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