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Powder metallurgy industry

Powder metallurgy (PM) is a kind of technology which uses metal powder as raw material, through forming and sintering, to manufacture metal materials, composite materials and various types of products.


Hot pressing sintering is a kind of powder material forming technology which is pressed and sintered at the same time. It is a kind of sintering method that have the dry powder filled into the pressing die, pressurized in a special hot press, and heated to the temperature of below the melting point at the same time. It is a process of unidirectional or bidirectional pressure forming at high temperature. Hot pressing sintering has the advantages of short sintering time, low temperature, fine grain size and high product performance. The die requires high strength, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and no bonding with hot pressing materials. The thermal expansion coefficient of the die should be consistent with or similar to that of the hot pressing material. According to the sintering characteristics of products, hot alloy steel, graphite, silicon carbide, alumina, zirconia and cermet can be selected. The most widely used are graphite molds. The graphite mold device for hot pressed Sintering in vacuum furnace includes graphite base, graphite sintering cavity, graphite indenter and graphite supporting rod.

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