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Pyrolytic graphite crucible

Pyrolytic graphite crucible is different from general graphite crucible. It is made of carbon atoms deposited on the model directionally after cracking of hydrocarbons in high temperature, low pressure and nitrogen atmosphere, and then demoulded after cooling.


The crucible has good heat conduction, conductivity and mechanical strength. The wall of the device is smooth, compact, with little permeability, easy to clean and decontaminate, high temperature resistance and strong chemical corrosion resistance. The pyrolytic graphite crucible material has a high purity and does not introduce other metal and non-metal impurities except carbon in the use process.

It is suitable to decompose samples with alkali or acid solvent, such as iron ore, manganese ore, siliceous rock, ultrabasic rock, bauxite, stone coal, phosphate rock, nonferrous metal ore, coal slag, coal ash, cement, glass and ceramics, etc.; it can also be used for the dissolution and purification of precious metal products, fine chemical products and test agents.


The product is bright and clean, high purity, compact and resistant to strong acid and alkali. Under normal temperature, strong acid and alkali have little corrosive effect on the product.